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Describing myself is hard enough, but let me try to do so in a few phrases.

Digital Marketing & Tech Enthusiast: Simply put, I am a digital native. Growing up in an era full of computers, video games, smartphones, and endless gadgets had a toll on my personality.

Lifelong Learner: I enjoy the process of learning. The feeling of getting better every day is unmatched. Books, Websites, Courses, Experiences or Other People, you name it; my sources are endless. If I can learn something from somewhere, I will go there.

Flexible, Team-Oriented Problem Solver: As a professional chameleon, I naturally fit in any kind of team, as I quickly understood you can’t do everything alone, by the hard way. When trying to solve a problem, I use multiple perspectives to find a spherical solution.

A Curious Person: Mostly about everything. This is a beautiful world we live in. Why not try to learn everything about it, while you can?

Hobbies: Cooking, Travelling, Photography, Debating and Writing (the last one is a shocker, I know)

Personal Motto: “Luck comes to one who tries”

(Whew! I think that went pretty well!)