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Digital Kitsune, our new Digital Marketing Project, is on air this Wednesday!

Digital Kitsune Show

Also, my website’s alive again! (Sorry for that. I am ready to start posting often again, I promise)!

Me and Antonis Spyridakis decided to dig into the Digital Marketing World. Thus, Digital Kitsune Show was born!

Digital Kitsune aspires to become a hub for Digital Marketers that want to learn best practices, great failures & innovative tools, from top marketing minds around the globe.

Kitsune (キツネ, translates to fox) is seen as a mythical smart creature in Japanese folklore. These elegant creatures are the best mascots for our little show!

Follow us on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & LinkedIn), and let us create & share interesting and highly educational content, that will upscale your Digital Marketing careers.

The first episode is about content for the SaaS industry, so be sure to look it up!

See you there!

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