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Digital Kitsune Show S01E01 – Content Marketing for SaaS Companies with Yorgos Chasiotis

Our first episode can be described as a bit… SaaSy, but in a good way! Master of Content Marketing for SaaS Companies Yorgos Chasiotis joined us for our first ever episode, to discuss Content Marketing, Digital Marketing best practices, the SaaS industry, his projects & more!

Episode Contents:

What is Digital Kitsune: 00:12
Guest Introduction – Yorgos Chasiotis: 01:00
Yorgos’ Motivation to join the Digital Marketing Industry: 02:21
Why specialize in the SaaS industry: 04:55
Content Strategies & Processes for the SaaS Industry: 08:39
How to Measure Success on Content Marketing Strategies: 11:55
Which Content Formats work well in the SaaS Industry: 13:54
Optimizing Content for Google Snippets: 17:46
About Lead Magnets… : 20:04
Yorgos’ Favorite Content Marketing Strategy of 2019: 21:45
Tips for Digital Marketing Rookies: 24:44

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