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Digital Kitsune S01E02 – Email & Content Marketing for 2020 with Iné Alexakis

Grab your coffee or tea and get ready to jump into yet another interesting conversation about Digital Marketing, because Digital Kitsune is back with another episode!

Former Head of Content for Moosend and Creative Strategist Iné Alexakis joined us for our second episode, to discuss how email marketing stands seconds before the new decade, messenger marketing, content marketing trends, tips for new marketers and much more!

Episode Contents
00:28 Introducing Iné Alexakis
01:23 Guest’s Motivation to join the Marketing Industry
05:30 Why Email Marketing is still relevant in 2020
08:45 What are the main success factors for a great email campaign
11:46 Messenger Vs Email 14:48 Facts about Messenger
17:08 Personalization for Content Marketing: hidden dangers ahead?
20:45 Regarding Omnichannel
21:42 What Iné wants to see from the Content Marketing Industry in the new decade 23:50 Be honest & genuine: Fairphone’s Case Study
26:20 Tips on new Marketers

Personal Note: I am having so much fun doing these episodes. It’s really great to learn through conversation, and I hope that our audience will be able to grab valuable information through our content.

We are always looking for more feedback. If you have something to say, positive or negative, please do! Antonis & I love constructive criticism and are on the lookout to always become better. So don’t hesitate, fire away!

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