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Digital Kitsune S01EP04 – Performance Marketing for E-Commerce with Stavros Theodoratos

E-commerce’s a hot topic, so get ready to explore it with one of the best e-commerce brands in Greece!

Stavros Theodoratos, Group E-Commerce Manager of Cosmos Sports and founder of, came to Digital Kitsune to discuss Performance Marketing, differentiating and building a brand online, personalization, SEO, PPC & Display Ads Tactics, and so much more!

Antonis & Stavros have known each other for some time, and because our guest was extremely nice to hang around, our episode had lots of great moments. Watch it below!

Episode Contents:

  • 01:10 Introducing Stavros
  • 02:37 From IT to Marketing? Stavros’ Motivations to become a Digital Marketer
  • 04:46 Which IT Skills are essential for Digital Marketers?
  • 07:45 Differentiate & Compete as a brand within Greek E-Commerce
  • 11:27 Building a Brand Online: Productive Strategies & Tips
  • 14:33 Which are the key parts of a successful PPC Campaign?
  • 17:33 Key Elements for spot-on Display Ads for E-Commerce
  • 18:59 Great Keyword Strategies: SEO for E-Commerce
  • 22:38 Google Kills Cookies?
  • 24:55 E-Commerce Personalization?
  • 26:30 Tips for New Marketers?

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