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My Experience at Google AdCamp Athens

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google’s Mission Statement

From when Larry Page & Sergey Brin incorporated Google back on September 4, 1998, to what Alphabet’s subsidiary is right now, many things have changed. Their mission to the world hasn’t.

Even from their dorms, they dreamed big. They were agile, open to change, diversity, and feedback. And this mindset has passed right at the heart of Google’s culture.

Googliness is a real term within the company, describing what it requires from its employees. Thing is, it’s hard to define. It’s a mixture of looking at the world and asking “What if?”, being hungry, curious and team-oriented. A “won’t give up” spirit, who embraces change positively, and constantly works to change the world.

I don’t have a solid term for it. But, on the 11th of April, at Google’s offices in Athens, I felt googliness right under my skin. I saw it within every Googler. I heard its essence, traveling through the air, in each of their words.

Google AdCamp Athens was packed with training, experiences from Googlers, case studies and workshops on Digital Marketing and Sales. 25 different people from Greece, Hungary & Romania were picked from over 700+ applications, in an event which aimed to inform, train and maybe even find the next Nooglers (new Googlers).

Our hosts were extremely kind to let us know how it really is to be a part of the search engine giant. After having a small glimpse of the offices, we had the chance to network between our peers. Athens itself quickly inspired topics of international conversations, and everyone joined discussions about entrepreneurship, traveling, our studies, and such. We started our day with some clever ice-breakers, and we felt ready to dive in.

How to communicate with clients instantly became one of the most popular subjects during Google Adcamp Athens. We saw the Google way of satisfying customers, by providing with solutions that match with their real-life problems. Additionally, we learned more about Google Ads (former AdWords), the search engine’s advertising platform.

Of course, they didn’t just make us listen. Case studies and workshops on sales and PPC campaign strategies drew our attention, motivated us participate, learn by doing and, most importantly, think in a structured, spherical manner.

We essentially lived a day as Nooglers, and that’s something you don’t have the luck to experience every day. Was it demanding? Hell yeah, it was. But it sure kept us hanging for more information, more insights. We were face to face with a company of our dreams, and all of us made sure that we collected as much as possible.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this programme, especially Googlers Alkistis, Christina, Krystyna & Mileva, for being our trainers for Google AdCamp Athens. Good luck to my fellow AdCampers; I didn’t manage to speak with all of you, but you do have the potential to realize your dreams. Go get ’em!

Google AdCamp Athens Googlers Nooglers

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