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“You’ll Still Fly With Us” Ryanair’s Positive Brand Hate Dogma

There are lots of brands around the globe we can speak warmly for.

Hubspot’s one of them, for me. They revolutionized how we think of marketing today, and me included; I am always happy to take on their courses and certifications.

But I would make money by betting that, for most of you, the answer to “what’s my favorite brand” isn’t Ryanair.

I traveled to more than 15 countries with Ryanair’s aircrafts, many of the times with dirt-cheap prices. Without Ryanair, I would’ve never become the traveler I always aspired to be.

Upright Entrepreneurship: What Being & Staying Honest Does to Your Brand

So, a quick disclaimer, and, as per tradition, a short personal story and a lesson I experienced. You may jump to the next section directly, where I explain my paper in my signature, laid-back way.

Here goes; for the people who think that the combination of a full-time job and a full-time master’s is viable – please don’t.

15 (+1) Short Tips to Start Writing Better Right Away (For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Writers)

You can skip to the tips below; regardless, let me share a personal story first.

Getting Into Writing

As a university freshman studying in an economy-torn Greece, I made “getting a job” a primary professional goal. Apart from some summer gigs handing out flyers, I didn’t know how having a stable job was like. I wasn’t that certain about what I was supposed to do in life, but I felt that an experience like that will help me later on.

#24hoffline: What Ditching Everything Digital for a Day Taught Me

These days got me thinking; it seemed that I have been online for years in a row. As a Digital Marketer, my work is to play around the digital world, helping companies achieve their business goals. A lot of my friends are foreigners, with no means of physical communication. We even live in a COVID-19 era, one that dictates social isolation, for our own good. Digital seems like the only available getaway to keep our society in place.

Digital Kitsune S01EP05 and S01EP06 are out!

Digital Kitsune, the talk show Antonis V. Spyridakis and I, Giorgos M. Papadopoulos created, with the goal of empowering the digital marketing community by extracting knowledge from top marketing minds, keeps going strong and continues to grow!

We are very proud of our two last guests since we had with us Alex Galinos, a master of SEO and Affiliate Marketing, and Martine Cadet, our first ever international guest and a social media coach for female coaches!

Why the Mercedes’ brand bet on Appealing to Younger Audiences has One, Unavoidable Flaw

Let’s start with the obvious; countries are brands as well.

Italy’s famous for her abbondanza cuisine, Japan’s known as futuristic, France outshines the competition when we speak about cheeses & wines.

Subsequently, Germany is recognized for its efficiency. A perfect perceived quality & a value proposition for high-involvement products who need to be seen as reliable and worth the investment; like cars.

Digital Kitsune S01EP04 – Performance Marketing for E-Commerce with Stavros Theodoratos

E-commerce’s a hot topic, so get ready to explore it with one of the best e-commerce brands in Greece!

Stavros Theodoratos, Group E-Commerce Manager of Cosmos Sports and founder of, came to Digital Kitsune to discuss Performance Marketing, differentiating and building a brand online, personalization, SEO, PPC & Display Ads Tactics, and so much more!

Digital Kitsune S01EP3 – Digital Marketing through Social Entrepreneurship with Yannis Harhas

Our first episode of 2020 is finally here, and it’s with a great friend of mine, Yannis Harhantis!

We talked with Harhas about Digital Marketing, through the lens of Social Entrepreneurship, Efficient tips for TikTok, Becoming Viral, Community Management, Content Creation & more!

The Beat App made an ingenious campaign on Social Media. Did it pay off?

Clever social media campaigns have a soft place in my heart.

As a Digital Marketer, I find it irresistible to see companies doing something original, that takes you out of the routine of boring, same old posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or, let’s say, Instagram. Bonus points if you can make a campaign that offers real value to users.