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Why I Created This Website

Long story short, I always wanted to go solo and create my own blog.

It just felt natural, to have my own space, for my own ideas. A medium to promote pieces of content, relevant and useful for people in the marketing industry.


Thinking about it, I should have done it way sooner. To be frank, too many thoughts made me postpone it. Afraid that I know too little, I just left this idea into an old, dusty drawer, located at the back of my head.

What made me change my mind?

What motivated me to make my passion for writing a reality here?


I just love the process of learning. And, day after day, this love grows deeper and stronger.

This website is a mean for learning for me. A reason to search deeper into the marketing world.

Right now, I serve as a private at the Greek military. I only have my smartphone with me. It is not the most ideal situation to blog at.

But I want to use what little time and resources I have, to create content I am proud of. To make an interesting page, a web hub for marketers, for people who share the same passion as me.

Eventually, this website just started; it’s here. I am so happy about it.

Will it be successful? Probably not.

Secretly, at the back of my head, I know I’m just too late for the blogging scene. I mean, what’s new there to offer?

But it will lead to me being a better person and professional.

And for me, that’s enough success.