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9+1 Business YouTube Channels You Need to Put on Your Watchlist

I love consuming video content. So naturally, YouTube is one of my favorite social media platforms, as it’s highly unique on its own. Here, only a small part of users are actually feeding it with content. These creators can get paid for their work, which allows them to pursue a solid content career, doing what they essentially love.

And, in the 21st century, YouTube videos are powerful learning tools, if used correctly. There are hundreds of resources to get you started on topics, and for business enthusiasts, this platform is a gold mine of knowledge.

That’s why, for today’s blog post, I decided to go a little bit personal and review my top 9 favorite Business YouTube channels. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s start!

Simon Sinek

Simon’s work as an author and a speaker is well-recognized, and his YouTube channel reflects that. Through speeches, personal vlogs and montages, he tries to make us better leaders, team workers, businessmen, and, most importantly, people.

Why it’s on this list

Tons of inspirational content to get you started on leadership and business. What’s there to hate?

Favorite Video

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

Arguably one of the best speeches of its kind, Simon impactfully explains why most businesses and people focus on what side when they should always start with why. Simple, yet so much powerful, it gives food for thought, like most of his videos.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Citing her channel’s info page, “welcome to the bright side of branding, business and being your own boss!”.

Pretty straightforward, Sunny Lenarduzzi creates tutorial videos on how to be a better entrepreneur, digital marketer (especially on social media) and solo professionals.

Why it’s on this list

By watching her videos, you understand her passion and dynamic personality. She is a great tutor on her topics, and can help you to excel!

Favorite Video

Should I start creating videos after that? I am intrigued.

But seriously, it’s a simple list video, however very useful if you are thinking of joining the vlogosphere.

Business Casual

This channel provides small, animated (kind-of) success stories of the business world. Through great, captivating narration, their characterizing purple theme and well-written scripts, Business Casual explores the stories of companies and people who shaped the world.

Why it’s on this list

Case studies are droplets of pure knowledge in business, and this channel delivers exactly that.

Favorite Video

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, two idols of the entrepreneurship world, had their swords clashed numerous times in the past. However, there’s what it seems to be a paradox between their shared history. A really unique story that shows the length of the strategies companies implement, for their profit.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (also known as Gary Vee) posts meetings, motivational montages, event footage and more, all related to business. If you don’t mind the profanities, direct way of speaking and harsh but truthful character, Gary Vee should be on your business YouTube watchlist.

Why it’s on this list

Gary is what we know as a contrarian content marketer, and he is damn good at it. He takes on business subjects from a perspective that’s not popular, breaking it down with his authentic, unfiltered way.

Favorite Video

Although I personally disagree with his views on work-life balance, I understand that you can’t make your dreams a reality without hassle (spoiler alert, that was the word). To be successful, you have to sweat, bleed, take punches (of course, figuratively, please stay safe) to achieve your goals.


PolyMatter is a YouTube channel focused on thoughtful content, on anything from business to design. It’s written, animated, and made entirely a single person, Evan. Through videos of unique aesthetic, you get to know a lot about single topics, in a short period of time.

Why it’s on this list

Polymatter produces captivating informative videos with a humorous pinch, that are fun and interesting to watch. Evan is also talented at picking hot topics and analyzing them just enough, to make appropriate conclusions without boring his audience.

Favorite Video

It’s a business trend that gets a lot of attention from companies. Subscriptions are here to stay, but they aren’t as bad as we think. A great video on why this pricing model could be a win-win deal for everyone.


KnowledgeHub is an amazing YouTube channel, focusing on covering stories of famous people, social and economic subjects, and more. It’s a spin-off from AlternateHistoryHub, which analyzes “what-if” scenarios in history. Everything is presented by a mix of videos, images and colorful, yet very simple animation, combined by the narration of Tyler or Cody, the two brothers who are responsible for both of the channels.

Why it’s on this list

Some of the topics here are essential for entrepreneurs and business-oriented spirits, as they analyze crucial social and economic matters. It’s great for marketers who want to get more perspectives on these kinds of subjects.

Favorite Video

“Nothing Defines the 2010’s” demolishes generation marketing in the 21st century in one go. It analyzes why we won’t have any “cultural zeitgeist” for the next decades, and how marketers can use nostalgia to inspire their customers (at least, while they can).


This not-so business YouTube channel takes on different countries, one by one, evaluating its geography (know, shocker), social structure, economics and more. Barby, the guy behind these charming videos, alongside with other people help that with the narration, have a goal to reach all U.N. recognized countries, and they are actually half-way there. New videos come on Wednesdays.

Why it’s on this list

In such a globalized world we currently live in, I can’t mention how important is to learn about other cultures. We communicate and do business with people from all over the world, and we need to know them better.

Favorite Video

Totally biased, as I am Greek, but I recognize he nailed the topic. Good Job, Barbs!

TED Talks & TEDx Talks

No video list is complete without TED & TEDx Talks. For those who are rocking their lives in a cave, TED (which stands for Technology, Education, Design) talks are all about sharing ideas of people. I had the luck to be a member of the organizing committee for our local TEDx, TEDxUniversityofMacedonia, and I can say that it’s a learning voyage by itself.

Why it’s on this list

It’s impossible to attend every TED and TEDx event in the world, so without the YouTube channel, you are missing a lot of fresh, valuable ideas. Each of these videos has something to tell you, that can kickstart your ideas, dreams, aspirations, and creativity.

Favorite Video

This video literally speaks to my heart. All of us have this type of monkey residing deep in our minds. It’s important to acknowledge its existence to make sure it’s as inactive as possible, and what better way to do so by this comical and refreshing approach. A must-see for sure.

Digital Kitsune Show

Antonis & I decided to dig into the marketing world, thus creating Digital Kitsune Show!

Digital Kitsune aspires to become a hub for Digital Marketers that want to learn best practicesgreat failures & innovative tools, from top marketing minds around the globe.

Kitsune (キツネ, translates to fox) is seen as a mythical smart creature in Japanese folklore. These elegant creatures are the best mascots for our little show!

Follow us on social media (FacebookYouTubeInstagram LinkedIn), and let us create & share interesting and highly educational content, that will upscale your Digital Marketing careers.

And there you have it. 9+1 Business YouTube Channels for you to binge-watch. For tonight, just leave Netflix aside and watch something useful. Go for it, champ!

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