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Digital Kitsune S01EP05 and S01EP06 are out!

Digital Kitsune, the talk show Antonis V. Spyridakis and I, Giorgos M. Papadopoulos created, with the goal of empowering the digital marketing community by extracting knowledge from top marketing minds, keeps going strong and continues to grow!

We are very proud of our two last guests since we had with us Alex Galinos, a master of SEO and Affiliate Marketing, and Martine Cadet, our first ever international guest and a social media coach for female coaches!

Digital Kitsune S01EP05 – Fundamental Insights for SEO & Affiliate Marketing with Alex Galinos Episode Contents

As you can imagine, our first video focused a lot on SEO and Affiliate Marketing, discussing how to rank up and get a good place at SERPs in 2020, what is affiliate marketing and how to do it correctly, and so much more!

01:04 Introducing Alex Galinos
03:00 Why become a Marketer
04:05 Why SEO
05:14 Why Affiliate Marketing
06:52 How to SEO in 2020: top factors to rank up properly

10:56 Best Tools to ace SEO (btw, Alex’s here mentions that he’s not a big fan of tools, but it was cut in the editing, sorry 🦊)
12:55 What is Affiliate Marketing and why it’s important?
14:28 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
15:25 Generating Traffic through Affiliate Marketing Strategies
19:28 Digital Marketing for Casinos
21:30 Tips for new Marketers

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Digital Kitsune S01EP06 – Get Clients Through Organic Content on Social Media with Martine Cadet Episode Contents

On the other hand, Martine Cadet shred some light on how to properly build and manage online communities. As a master user of social media, she gave us her incredible insights on how to properly use these mediums. And, of course, she brought over her uplifting vibes; no wonder she is such a good social media coach, after all!

00:48 Introducing Martine Cadet- Coaching for Female Coaches
03:18 Motivations to get into Social Media & Digital Marketing
10:25 Tips on Building an efficient organic strategy on Social Media
14:32 From 0 to hero: Building your digital audience from scratch
18:06 Thoughts on community building through Facebook Groups
20:30 About Facebook Algorithm
22:40 How to Create a Successful Content Strategy on Social Media
21:12 Grow an Instagram Account with real engagement
29:38 Tips for Female Professionals

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