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17 Courses to Get Certified on Digital Marketing for Free

As a college student, it’s hard to find a budget to sustain yourself and your education. The struggle is real.

Luckily for people interested in Digital Marketing, there are endless sources or information on how to do practically everything. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

But, in our world, knowing stuff is just another factor. Presenting this knowledge and expertise to your potential clients or employers is another. One way to do so is by getting certified on Digital Marketing.

Wow there, you probably said while taking a step back from your screen. Isn’t that, like, really expensive?

Yes, in most cases that’s true. But there are exceptions.

In this blog post, we review 17 courses to get certified on Digital Marketing right away, absolutely free of charge.

Yes, all nine are free, and they do provide a course certificate to use for your resume or LinkedIn page.

14/3/2020 Update

This article has been updated on 14/3/2020, as it becomes even more relevant due to the current health crisis we all live in. The Covid-19 outbreak, commonly known as the Wuhan virus or Coronavirus, hits us all; making us work from home, stay inside more and have more free time.

Thing is, as time passes by with no solution to the problem, a health crisis such as this can easily turn to an economic crisis. Due to that, it’s really important to stand your ground; don’t just use this time to sit around the house doing nothing.

Netflix is good, sure; Netflix and chill is even better ( 😏 ). However, please take care of yourself, meaning both your health and you staying employable for the future. You never know how bad is the outcome of this crisis going to be, so it’s better to equip yourself with new knowledge.

Everything here is checked and fully working, so feel free to check these out!

Ready? Let’s go!

Google Digital Garage

Google is a true leader when it comes to free resources. The search engine giant knows that there’s no better way to promote what it does better, after all. Give freebies to the public and let it chant your name!

Google Digital Garage is the go-to education platform for people who are just starting out with Digital Marketing in general.

Each course is specially designed to give you a full glimpse on each subject, even if you don’t have a clue.

To finally get your certificate, you need to collect 26 “badges”, by watching all 106 short video lessons.

Oh boy; that’s a lot of content.

However, by the end of this course, you will indeed have a spherical view of digital marketing. It definitely worths a try!

Google Academy for Ads

Another educational platform by Google, Google Academy for Ads contains solid courses to make you a Google Ads & Analytics expert. Additionally, it packs learning options for Youtube, Google Marketing Platform, and also for other Google tools, such as Jamboard & Waze, among others.

There are simply lots of certificates to earn from here, which you do after you score 80% and more at the final test of each course.

Each course is a combination of videos, quizzes, and information, combined into short chapters. They are easily digestible and very fun to dive in to.

For Digital Marketers to be, however, here are three individual courses to give a shot at.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best platform for web insights. This course takes you, step by step, from a newbie to a data guru.

Google Ads Campaigns are a separate chapter of the Digital Market saga on their own. The most well-known PPC Platform is a must for people who try to get certified on Digital Marketing.

Google Mobile

This course isn’t just about ads. It’s about how you should transform your digital strategy, making it ideal for mobile devices. As the world is going mobile by itself, you really shouldn’t miss it.

HubSpot Academy

The king of Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Academy has tons of free resources to help you become better at digital marketing. Not all of its courses provide with certification, though (you can check for the “certification” indicator over every course name, as shown from the picture below).

All courses are uploaded as videos you have to watch. HubSpot provides some extra resources under its content, and after each module, you have to give a small quiz to pass.

To get certified from Hubspot, you have to take a course’s final test. If you score more than 75%, congratulations, one more certificate for you.

Here are my top 3 courses from this platform.

Inbound Marketing

As analyzed from above, HubSpot is all about Inbound. You won’t learn this Marketing way of thinking better from everyone else, so think not, dig in!

Content Marketing

Probably one of my favorites from the list, this course helps you become a structured, well-defined content manager & creator. A must for copywriters and content generators.

Email Marketing

Emails experts throughout this learning course will teach you to create email marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

Creator Academy

14/3/2020 update: YouTube decided not to make Creator Academy open to everyone now. Find out if you are eligible for the course here.

YouTube has its own Certification, named YouTube Certified. It is addressed to people with YouTube channels, who wish to take their account off the charts. 29 modules will guide you on channel growth best practices, platform strategies, and channel development techniques, to help you succeed as a platform’s creator.

Facebook Blueprint

Digital Advertising on Instagram and Facebook is simply to use, yet demanding to master. Facebook Blueprint provides courses for both platforms, to help you catch up with their newest trends, understand best practices and specialize on the subject!

SEMRush Academy

SEMRush is one of the most well-balanced tools for digital marketing. Its paid plan does everything on SEO, PPC campaigns, social media, content management, and online monitoring.

SEMRush features a lot of courses to master the platform, however, if you want to miss out on this wonderful solution, go with the SEO Fundamentals and PPC Fundamentals. Both courses have a course, but you can give the test even before starting them. You can do the final exams practically endless times until you finally get certified on this part of digital marketing.

14/3/2020 update: It seems that they have included some other interesting courses as well; check out Keyword Research and Technical SEO exams as well!

Digital Kitsune Show by Antonis V. Spyridakis and Giorgos M. Papadopoulos

14/3/2020 update: For those who don’t know, Digital Kitsune is a talk show that empowers the digital marketing community, by extracting knowledge from top marketing minds.

We don’t provide a Digital Marketing certificate for watching our videos (yet), but our guests are a goldmine of digital marketing knowledge. We upload every 2nd and 4th Wednesday (arguably the worst spelled day of the week), so be sure to follow us for more!

Free Udemy Courses

Image result for udemy

Udemy is an education platform that offers video-on-demand courses on various subjects. Most of them are paid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some free gems. All courses provide a certificate of completion, so you need to see all the content before you get your certificate.

SEO Training Course by Moz

Moz is well-known for its SEO services, so is there a better way than to learn the subject from its experts?

Twitter Marketing by Three Sixty Agency

Twitter’s user base is huge and you need to know how to market a company there. A quick course that guides you to the basics of Twitter for business.

14/3/2020 update: I have done this course and, well, it’s not so good. Instead, you should be checking Twitter’s own Flight School. It provides with badges instead of certifications, which you can actually upload on LinkedIn. Oh, and it’s free as well!

If you are wondering about which social media to use on your social media strategy in general, have a look at this article.

Social Media Analytics by Quintly

A small course that teaches the basics of Social Media Analytics. Provides with a digital certificate at the end of the course.

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