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My Experience at ReGeneration 2019

For me, Greece is the world of endless missed opportunities. Outsiders wonder how we ruined our chances, but we Greeks still don’t get it, always playing the “fuck politicians, fuck businessmen, fuck everyone” tracks on loop. We can’t see how we need to change ourselves first to change our beat state.

But, from the 3rd to the 5th of April, I finally got optimistic again about my country.

Because I met with 40+ incredible people, people who I felt I could relate to.

People who have the right mindset. An incredible character. And a promising future. All that, through ReGeneration.

ReGenerators from Northern Greece

ReGeneration tries to bridge the gap between graduates and employers. Through a rigorous screening, they choose the brightest individuals, promoting their profiles to top Greek companies who are searching for just that; talents who are ready to lead the next Greek generation. It aims to fight back on young unemployment and Brain Drain, two very complex issues of our society.

Less than 10% of the applicants finally become a finalist. Those who did, out of 3000+ applications, lived three days filled with action, ideas, knowledge, and advice, to kickstart their ReGeneration journey.

Vassilis Vassiliadis, our Facilitator for the first two days, and Konstantinos Kintzios, Business Development Director of Regeneration, stayed with us, to guide us through the programme. Anna Chlioura from Elektronio Handcrafted Vehicles and Fotis Drakopoulos from Colors Hotels Thessaloniki talked about how it’s important to be agile as companies and professionals. Right from the start, two things became clear: firstly, we are lucky to be here, and secondly, we deserve it.

Vasilis Velkos

HR professionals Alexandra Boza from Lidl, Theodoros Panagiotopoulos from Human Value, Christina Dimatati from StoneGroup, Dimitris Lazaridis from Kleeman, Sofia Panagiotidou from the University of Macedonia and Vassilis Velkos from Code.Hub was there to help us promote ourselves as professionals. We gathered golden advice on CV building, Networking, and Interviewing, which we will use at the weeks to come.

HR Panel. From left to right: Dimitris Lazaridis from Kleeman, Sofia Panagiotidou from the University of Macedonia, Theodoros Panagiotopoulos from Human Value, Alexandra Boza from Lidl Hellas, and Christina Dimatati from StoneGroup

The Consul General Gregory W. Pfleger Jr. of the United States Consulate in Thessaloniki spoke with us, expressing his wish to see us grab our opportunities. He knows that, internationally, there is a lot of interest in Northern Greece. Everyone does; probably except us.

Consul General Gregory W. Pfleger, Jr.

Iro Tente ideally closed these unique three days with her innovative experimental “Passion for Customers” seminar, powered by Excelixi, through a day that allowed us to see how we are able to serve customers the right way.

Iro Tente

These three days were ideal for me. It’s always nice to see people with the same passion for their profession. People who firmly believe that they don’t wish to relocate their dreams to another country. Instead, they want to realize them inside the one that gave them life, childhood memories, experiences, and opportunities to become who they are today.

My journey to ReGeneration started on the 3rd of April, 2019. I can’t wait to see how it will unfold.

A big thank you goes to everyone who played a role, big or small, in these three days. Good luck to all my fellow ReGenerators, even though we won’t need it; we are truly capable of our dreams.

Let’s see them happen!

Photos: ReGeneration Facebook Page,

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